Building Materials


Product of: West Malaysia, Indonesia — Planks: 2” x 3”/ 4”/ 6”/ 8”/ 9”/ 10”/ 12”
3” x 3”/ 4”/ 5”/ 6”/ 8”/ 9”/ 10”/ 12”
4”x 6”/ 8”/ 9”/ 10”/ 12” — Length: 8’, 10’-22’

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Our high quality ply wood are sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, China and Russia.

This is the most commonly used wooden board made of quality timber of which the core and outer layers are bonded with urea formaldehyde resin. It is the prime raw material in the furniture manufacturing industry with excellent feature for

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We import high quality, durable corrugated roofing sheets from India, Europe, UAE and China. Aesthetically designed and manufactured in reputed factories with precision of dimensions/gauge and colour in Galvanized Iron, Aluminium, Stone Chips, NTCF, PVC and Fiberglass.A very attractive translucent roofingsheetmadeof re-inforced glass fibre.Highlydurableandlight weight. Fairly resistant to heat, corrosion and weather variations. Water-proof and anti-termite. A highly required sun light medium in asbestos and metal roofingsystems. Length : 8’, 10’, 12’ Width : 32″

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ISO 9001 certified Sharjah Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and Sulfate resistant Portland cement (SRC) can be supplied with our efficient trailers and pickup fleet.              Purchased directly from Sharjah Cement Plant.          Also Available: Abu Dhabi OPC, RAK OPC & RAK White Cement, JK White, Iran White Cement, Ultra Tech Cement.             Standard Packing: 50 Kg. Bags              Note: Can be provided on pallets and with protective Shrink Wrapping, for Health and Safety needs.

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Cement Board

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Sulphate-resistance Portland Cement(SRPC) Availble in 50Kg bag and bulk loading in tons Origin: U.A.E

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